Brahma Sutras – According to Shankara 2-1-2

Topic 2 - Refutation of the Yoga philosophy

Sutra 2,1.3

एतेन योगः प्रत्युक्तः ॥ ३ ॥

etena yogaḥ pratyuktaḥ || 3 ||

etena—By this; yogaḥ—the Yoga philosophy; pratyuktaḥ—is (also) refuted.

3. By this the Yoga philosophy is (also) refuted.

After the refutation of the Sānkhyas, who recognize an independent entity called the Pradhāna as the cause of the world,

this Sutra refutes the Yoga Smriti, which also recognizes a separate entity called the Pradhāna as the First Cause, though unlike the Sānkhyas they recognize an Īśvara who directs this inert Pradhāna in its creative evolution.

The Yoga system is spoken of in Upanishads like the Śvetāśvatara.

It helps concentration of the mind, which is necessary for the full comprehension of Brahman, and as such it is a means to Knowledge. So this Smriti, being based on the Śrutis is authoritative. But it also recognizes the Pradhāna, which therefore is the First Cause—so says the opponent.

This Sutra says that the arguments given in the last Sutra refute also the Yoga Smriti, for it also speaks of a Pradhāna and its products which are not to be found in the Śrutis.

Though the Smriti is partly authoritative, yet it cannot be so with respect to that part which contradicts the Śrutis. There is room only for those portions of the Smriti as do not contradict the Śrutis.