Brahma Sutras – According to Shankara 2-1-4

Topic 4 - The line of reasoning against the Sānkhyas is valid also against others like the Atomists

Sutra 2,1.12

एतेन शिष्टापरिग्रहा अपि व्याख्याताः ॥ १२ ॥

etena śiṣṭāparigrahā api vyākhyātāḥ || 12 ||

etena—By this; śiṣṭāparigrahāḥ—not accepted by the wise; api—also; vyākhyātāḥ—are explained.

12. By this (i.e. by the arguments against the Sānkhyas) (those other views) also not accepted by the wise (like Manu and others) are explained.

When the Sānkhya philosophy, parts of which are accepted by the wise as authoritative, has been refuted,

there is no question as regards the non-authoritativeness of all doctrines based merely on reasoning like the atomic theory of Kaṇada and nonexistence as the First Cause propounded by the Buddhists, which are wholly rejected by the wise.

They are also refuted by these very arguments against the Sānkhyas, as the reasons on which the refutation is based are the same.